Cryosurgery Devices / KRIOPOL K -20



The tank's gas volume capacity is 20dm3.

KRIOPOL K-20 cryosurgery device is designated for local freezing tissue in need of treatment.  The cooling agent ensuring quick and effective freezing is liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -196°C. The tissue becomes frozen when cryotip of the cryosurgical device is applied to the treated tissue. Application of a direct spray stream of liquid nitrogen using the spray applicator is also possible. The device may be equipped with any selected set of replacable cryoapplicators, which enables the device to be used in many medical specializations.


  • The devices is placed on a mobile frame, which enables easy relocation of the device.
  • The device is equipped with a 20 liter liquid holding tank ( it is possible to purchase additional tanks).
  • It is equipped with a flexible hose through which liquid nitrogen from the tank is discharged allowing the physicians to comfortably perform the procedures.
  • The device is equipped with three as per preference selected contact applicators for a given medical specialization.
  • Contains fixed measurement of the amount of nitrogen in the tank.
  • In cases of longer freezing periods a thermoregulation function can be activated allowing a signifcant saving of nitrogen.

Dermatological Cryoapplicators


Gynecological Cryoapplikators