Cryotherapy Devices / Kriopol R Bryza II


Kriopol R Bryza II

The device is available in  31,5 or 50 dm3 tank capacity versions.

The device is designated for localized cooling of tissue. Liquid nitrogen is the operative agent, thanks to which we attain a temperature of -160°C at the nozzle outlet ensuring effective and rapid  incentive stimulus. The device is a direct successor of the earlier produced. KRIOPOL R 26 devices.  Many years of production and continuous improvement of the product make it totally reliable. It has four power levels, a traditional LED display as well the amount of liquid nitrogen in the cylinder indicator,



The device panel enables direct selection of nitrogen vapour exhaust discharge. Its keyboard was created using  a multi-touch technology. This allowed to eliminate mobile elements, which translates into  greater durability of the control panel. A "standby" mode has been implemented characterized by a lower power consumption as well as with a singalization of the duration of the ongoing procedure.