Kriopol R – Bryza


This is our flagship product for cryotherapeutic procedures, often used by specialists in physiotherapy and cosmetic clinics.

We offer three versions of this device, with different liquid nitrogen tank capacities: 30, 50 and 15 litres.


Advantages of Kriopol – R Bryza device: benefits for users:

  • Pressure-free and safe to use;
  • Easy to use, convenient and reliable;
  • Different tank capacities corresponding to the client’s needs;
  • Unique technology allows us to maintain the elasticity of the tube supplying the nitrogen vapours onto the patient’s skin;
  • Ready-to-use: 30 seconds after starting it reaches the working temperature of -100 to – 160 degrees Celsius;
  • Does not cause cold burns, as the vapour stream is homogeneous and does not contain droplets of liquid nitrogen.

Benefits for patients:

  • Reduced pain;
  • Increased metabolism;
  • Reduced activity of the inflammatory process;
  • Reduced use of anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic medications;
  • Reduced tension of skeletal muscles;
  • Faster regeneration and recovery;
  • Improved motion in the treated joints;
  • Faster treatment process;
  • Reduced swelling;
  • Reduced cellulite and firmer skin.

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Product: Kriopol R – Bryza