Kriopol K 20 is designed for local freezing of sick tissue. Quick and effective freezing is ensured thanks to refrigerant – liquid nitrogen of -196o C. The tissue is frozen through the contact with the cooled working tip of the cryotherapy applicator. Direct spraying of liquid nitrogen with a spray applicator is also possible. The device can be equipped with a set of exchangeable cryotherapy applicators, that is why it can be used in many specialties.



Parameters and device description

  • The device is placed on a mobile frame, so that it can be easily moved

  • The device is equipped with a liquid nitrogen tank with a capacity of up to 20 L (additional tanks can be bought)


    It has a flexible liquid nitrogen transmission line, thanks to which treatment can be performed in a comfortable and safe way.

  • The device has an applicator defrosting feature

  • The device is equipped with three freely selectable contact applicators for a given speciality and a spray applicator. (additional applicators can be bought according to the price list)


Technical data

Refrigerant Liquid nitrogen (LN2)
Tank capacity 20 dm³
Cryotherapy applicator tip surface temperature (minimum) -190oC
Working pressure 0,5 bara
Power supply 230 V +/- 10 %
Protection class II
Protection type B
Nitrogen consumption 6 dkg/min
Dimensions: width / length / height 500 / 550 / 1150 mm
Cryotherapy applicators 7 pcs cryotherapy applicators with direct heat exchanger without placing tips, 1 spray, 3 contact pieces

The device has an EC certificate in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC Annex II and a declaration of conformity. It is declared in the register of medical devices.


Warranty and service

The device is covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. The company provides warranty and post-warranty service within 60 hours from the notification.


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